The Little Hippopotamus

A little hippo, full of energy.

Tired parents, full of love.

Will she go to bed, or will the invisible monster, cake, and thirst ruin everything?

THE LITTLE HIPPOPOTAMUS is a bedtime story for energetic young children who have a great thirst for exploring and trouble falling asleep.

A little hippo who prances and scampers all day won't sit still for anything – even when it's time for bed! And why would she when she lives in an enchanted wood with purple trees, blue grass, a green lake, and a troll for a friend? Her parents read her stories and sing her songs, but the little hippo still bounces up from bed, wide awake and convinced there's a monster under her bed. With much patience and kindness, her loving parents finally help her drift off to sleep, knowing she is safe and well cared for.

The lighthearted rhymes and heartwarming ending will please both children and parents looking for a peaceful segue into sleep.