Anna’s Pocket Watch

A family heirloom

An enchanted seed

A plucky heroine

A journey to an unknown land

Anna’s Watch is a YA Fantasy novel, complete at 75,589 words. The events take place in a modern not so distant future but quickly take the reader into worlds beyond the one we all know. We know our history, and what we don’t know, religion fills in the gaps. But the world is not what it seems. It is 2050, and a sixteen-year-old Anna discovers a long-lost watch hidden inside a family heirloom that isn’t a watch at all. Deep inside, a seed from the land not on any map that governs all time is waiting to be returned to its home. Its absence had brought devastation upon all the worlds: the world we know and ones we’ve never heard of. So together with her best childhood friend, Sam, a new high school graduate, with the support of her sweet-toothed grandfather, her dotting father, and her French sous-chef mama, Anna is off to return what’s been lost for centuries. But the world is not what it appears, and the lines between friend and foe blur uncomfortably.